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  • Meet Drew Bassini, a New York resident and Spring 2014 Cohort Member

    My name is Drew Bassini and I am from Buffalo, New York.

    I am currently a freshman at Loyola University Maryland studying Finance. My favorite ice is cookies and cream, probably because I eat it every day. My drive, my motivation in life is extremely generic, yet I could not phrase it any better than viewing everything and anything as a possibility for growth and better understanding. From this dynamic I have become extremely interested in Philosophy (Western and Eastern thought), astronomy, and people. I pride myself on the vast intimate relationships I developed with students and professors from my school, as well as the fun I have speaking with that person serving food in the local drive-thru. There should not be limits to relationships and where they can be found.

    Meet John Renison of the Spring Cohort


    I am the Founder of Piggyback Technologies, a crowd sourced on demand same day delivery start up, currently in app development and investor pitch mode. I want to disrupt the shipping industry and make same shipping a collaborative community effort.

    Meet Justin Pyndus, a member of our 2014 Spring Cohort


    My name is Justin Pyndus and I'm from North Bergen, NJ. I'm graduating in May with a degree in neuroscience and psychology.

    I wanted to go to a medical school for a long time, but when I actually sat down, I could not convince myself that this was actually what I wanted to do. What appeals to me more is building something that will impact the world and that is why I want to learn the fundamentals of startups.

    My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. Something interesting about me is that I've done the Super Spartan race (a 9-12 mile obstacle race) twice. I was planning on doing something bigger this year, but I broke my fibula in January and had to get surgery. 



    Meet Chris Wood, one of the participants in the Spring WVAcademy. We won't hold his Denver Broncos fandom against him.

    My name is Chris Wood and I am an MBA Candidate in the Loyola University Maryland Emerging Leaders MBA cohort program.  I am originally from Elmira, New York, did my undergraduate work at James Madison University (B.S. in Health Sciences, minor in Biology) in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and currently live in Baltimore, Maryland. 

    As originally featured in Baltimore

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a pitch from a startup and I said something to them that seemed to really hit a nerve. As they went through their story and told the value proposition, I said to the founder, “I think this is a really great company and solid team, it has all of the makings of a solid lifestyle business.”

    At that point, it was like I told the founder that he was clueless. He became defensive and wildly upset. As I tried to talk him off the ledge, I explained that a lifestyle business is not an insult and it is actually a compliment. He eventually returned to reality, but I am not sure he really saw the points I was trying to make to him.

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