What is the WV Academy

The Academy, as it is known in the WV family, is the opportunity many entrepreneurs have been seeking. Over the years the Wasabi Ventures Academy has grown into a revolutionary program that is changing the startup world. Whether it's the Startup Foundations course that gives candidates a taste of the startup and venture capital world, or the intensive Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, in which candidates go on to become a founder, entrepreneurs are finding a home at Wasabi Ventures.

  • Startup 101: Introduction to the
    Startup World
    Startup 101:
    Introduction to the Startup World

    In this first course,you will study the basics of startup life. Topics include "What is a founder", "Startups versus small business", and "Startup ecosystems". This is a self-serve, self-placed course meant to expose students to the general concepts of startups and venture capital.

  • Startup 201: Preparing Yourself for the
    Startup World
    Startup 201:
    Preparing Yourself for the Startup World

    In this second course, you will delve further into the startup journey. Some of the lessons in this course are "Idea creation", "Thought leaders", and "Startup careers". This class is offered several times a year and includes biweekly office hours with both the dean of instruction and WV general partners.

  • Startup 301: Virtual Incubation
    Startup 301:
    Virtual Incubation

    With the idea that you developed in Startup 201, you will begin to build a product or service. This course is comprised of online lessons, monthly calls with WV general partners, pitch practice sessions with WVA staff, and hours of individual work, bringing your idea to life. Here's where you begin to put theory into practice.

  • Startup 401: Entrepreneur-
    Startup 401:

    We invest in founders "pre-idea". What does that mean? It means at Wasabi Ventures we believe in the individual over the idea. How do we find these individuals? Wasabi Ventures studies candidates during the first three courses and determines if an individual is ready to be an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. We have found this process to be highly successful, developing talented founders for the last 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is accepted into the Startup Foundations Program?

WV Academy is open to all, we don't narrow our scope of the "ideal candidate", entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. While our team at the WV Academy will review each application, all students are invited to take Startup 101.

I have always wanted to be a founder at a startup but have no idea for a company. Is that ok?

That is completely fine. Many of the individuals who go through the Startup Foundations Program do not have an idea or may not even know where good ideas come from. Those who are accepted into our second course will spend time creating and developing ideas.

I would love to learn more about the venture capital and startup world, but I don't see myself building a company.

No problem. The Startup Foundations program has many opportunities upon completion; furthermore, graduates are often times excited with just the knowledge received in the course.

When are classes held?

Startup 101, the first course in the academy, is self-paced, so you can attend the online classes whenever it best fits your schedule.

Does it cost money?

No, these programs are a free offering by Wasabi Ventures.

Do I have to be a “hacker”?

Not at all. Many individuals have gone through both programs and have had major success without being a "hacker".

I already have a startup; should I still apply to the WV Academy?

Yes, many of the candidates that apply to the Startup Foundation program are already founders of their own companies. The Startup Foundations Program may be that edge you were looking for to take your startup to the next level.