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A crucial piece of Wasabi Ventures’ success is the connection to a large group of successful alumni. See what alumni are saying about Wasabi Ventures Academy below:

Joel Robinson

CEO and Co-Founder at VidFall
Current EIR at Wasabi Ventures
Startup Foundations Cohort July 2013

Bio-Inspired to invent and create new products and services, I am now working to build a large user base around my company, I enjoy travel, airplanes, hip hop music, and eco-friendly technologies. I hope to turn my passion for innovation into an exciting and fulfilling career.

Question-Why Did you Join the Academy?-Working in venture capital and/or being a tech entrepreneur is nearly impossible for young people. This is an industry that requires a serious work pedigree to break into. I identified the Wasabi Academy as an avenue to enter this exciting world of innovation and creativity

Adam Attas

Strategy Consultant at Accenture
Startup Foundations Cohort October 2014
Active Alumni

Bio-Immediately following my BS/MS in Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, I started a career in management consulting. At Hopkins, I immersed myself in a world of research and new development, but felt some of that culture was lacking in consulting. I've always been interested in problem solving and developing new ideas so I turned to WV Academy to get an introduction on how to turn those ideas into potentially executable businesses.

Question-How does the Wasabi Ventures Academy differ from other startup programs and courses? I've never had such candid access to VC firm founders with proven track records. I used every session to ask as many questions as I could think of; furthermore, TK and Chris would stay on the line until everyone was finished with questions.

Justin Ballou

Educator, Innovator, CompetencyED wonk
Startup Foundations Cohort July 2014
Active Alumni

Bio-I am a high school social studies educator who specializes in human behavior. After working in the public school system in New Hampshire, I felt their were ways to improve opportunities for students, educators and communities. This led to my immersion into entrepreneurship and the surrounding areas of VC.

Questions-What Specifically was your favorite part of the WV Academy and why? The best part for me was interacting with a group of like-minded individuals. people who had ideas and perspectives that can only help you in the long run.


Rudi Leismann

Startup Foundations Cohort July 2014
Active Alumni

Bio- Fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine, leading me to Found an early stage internet startup in the fitness industry. MyTraining is a fitness platform that is redefining the way people workout. As I worked through the WV Academy I learned many insights that I could directly apply in my startup and generate results. 

Question- What would you say to someone considering applying to the WV Academy? The WV Academy is a big opportunity for people starting or working with startups to learn how the process of running a company works and network with interesting people in the field. 

Stacie Andrews

Marketing Technologist & President of
Startup Foundations Cohort May 2014
Active Alumni

Bio- I work with Founders and CEOs to design state-of-the-art go to market solutions. My unique blend of business innovation methodologies, marketing and technology expertise is highly valued by companies to accelerate their growth. 

Question- What would you say to someone considering applying to the WV Academy? Step out. WV is set up so you don't even have to move from behind your laptop to make meaningful connections. WV's cohorts allow you to meet and work with that have symbiotic potential.