Flagstaff: Start-Up Foundations Cohort January 2016 Apply

General Overview-

We will kick off the New year in 2016 with another Startup-Foundations cohort in Flagstaff, Arizona. Wasabi Ventures has partnered with NACET, providing all the resources of a strong incubator and accelerator in the region. This cohort will have a similar curriculum and program as the original Start-Up Foundations with a few added bonuses. This Academy will coincide with Start-up Weekend in Flagstaff, giving each individual in this cohort a leg up on the competition, when Start-up Weekend comes around. The cohorts will be comprised of approximately 20 candidates located in the ecosystem, apply above to be considered for this program.

Why Flagstaff?

Best-in-field scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, and creative people--who could live anywhere in the world--choose to live in Northern Arizona for the high quality of life.  As a community, we have begun connecting these people to one another, and to companies and initiatives that will leverage the intelligence, networks, and resources we have at our fingertips.  We have the necessary ingredients for a booming startup culture, and we're beginning to row in the same direction.  It's fantastic to experience, and the NACET team is proud to be part of driving this culture of innovation.

Curriculum / Details

 A three-month hybrid online and in-person program in which canidates have weekly Q&A sessions with Alumni,CEOs,Founders, and the WV General Partners.

Session 1: Overview of the Startup Life Cycle         Session 7: Idea Brainstorming

Session 2: Startup Finance 101                                 Session 8: Creating an Effective Pitch Deck

Session 3: Effective Startup Due Diligence     Session 9: Communicating with Advisors and Investors

Session 4: Becoming an Authority in an Industry   Session 10: Working with an Engineering Team

Session 5: Analyzing a Competitive Landscape      Session 11: My Career and the Startup World

Session 6: The 5 Red Flags of Startups


NACET is an entrepreneurial support organization running an incubator and accelerator in Northern Arizona, an incubator in the City of Maricopa, and a Small Business Development Center in Coconino County. The NACET incubator focuses on the startup phase, getting companies up and running and helping them get into revenue.  The NACET accelerator focuses on taking companies from early revenue into sustainable revenue and operations. NACET host CEO peer groups, networks of entrepreneurs, workshops, events, and a culture of creativity and innovation exemplified by our clients, staff, and partners.