Salt Lake City: Start-Up Foundations Cohort January 2016 Apply

General Overview

The Wasabi Ventures Academy is making a commitment to the Salt Lake City startup ecosystem, and will have a large group of Salt Lake City entrepreneurs in the upcoming global cohort, in January of 2016. This course will feature a similar program to the original Start-Up Foundations, and access to local tools and resources in the community. The cohort will be comprised of approximately 10 candidates located in each the Salt Lake City ecosystem, apply above to be considered for this revolutionary program.

Why Salt Lake City

As the Wasabi Ventures Academy grows WV is looking to building strong cohorts in great ecosystems, WV feels that Salt Lake City has the ability to support a strong cohort. With a growing startup ecosystem, and a strong talent pool Salt Lake City will be the perfect place to find individuals who are looking to create great things. As Wasabi Ventures closes in on multiple strategic partners in the region, the WV academy will be able to leverage these assets to create a substantial cohort.

Curriculum / Details

 A three-month online program in which canidates have weekly Office Hour sessions with Alumni,CEOs,Founders, and the WV General Partners.

Session 1: Overview of the Startup Life Cycle         Session 7: Idea Brainstorming

Session 2: Startup Finance 101                                 Session 8: Creating an Effective Pitch Deck

Session 3: Effective Startup Due Diligence     Session 9: Communicating with Advisors and Investors

Session 4: Becoming an Authority in an Industry   Session 10: Working with an Engineering Team

Session 5: Analyzing a Competitive Landscape      Session 11: My Career and the Startup World

Session 6: The 5 Red Flags of Startups

KickOff and Events will be held at DeskHub (