Baltimore: Start-Up Foundations Cohort January 2016 Apply

General Overview

The Wasabi Ventures Academy is coming to Maryland, and will be holding a Start-Up Foundations Cohort inthe Jaunary 2016. A Start-Up Foundations cohort will be held at Betamore in Fed Hill, Baltimore. This course will be a hybrid of the Start-Up Foundations program, combined with multiple in-person sessions and tools from the local ecosystem. The Baltimore Start-Up Foundations cohort is currently accepting applications for approximately 20 candidates across the footprint, apply above to be considered for this program.

Why Baltimore

Wasabi Ventures has had a presence in Baltimore since the beginning of 2008. Wasabi Ventures has been involved in the Baltimore Innovation week, and multiple other startups and startup events across the city. Baltimore has a strong and diverse talent pool created by its top universities and geographical location. These factors led Wasabi Ventures Academy to build a program around the ecosystem.

Curriculum / Details

A three-month hybrid online and in-person program in which canidates have weekly Q&A sessions with Alumni,CEOs,Founders, and the WV General Partners.

Session 1: Overview of the Startup Life Cycle         Session 7: Idea Brainstorming

Session 2: Startup Finance 101                                 Session 8: Creating an Effective Pitch Deck

Session 3: Effective Startup Due Diligence     Session 9: Communicating with Advisors and Investors

Session 4: Becoming an Authority in an Industry   Session 10: Working with an Engineering Team

Session 5: Analyzing a Competitive Landscape      Session 11: My Career and the Startup World

Session 6: The 5 Red Flags of Startups

The Wasabi Ventures Academy has partnered with Betamore, to run the Baltimore cohort. This award-winning co-working space will be where each in person class will take place. Betamore has made a name for itself in the Baltimore startup community over the last few years, raising over 6.15M in venture capital funds, along with many accolades for its startups and its members.