Startup Foundations Program

An Overview of the Startup and Venture Capital World


Program Overview

Startup 101: Introduction to the Startup World

In this first course, you will study the basics of startup life. Topics include "What is a founder", "Startups versus small businesses", and "Startup ecosystems". This is a self-serve, self-placed course meant to expose students to the general concepts of startups and venture capital.

Startup 201: Preparing Yourself for the Startup World

In this second course, you will delve further into the startup journey. Some of the lessons in this course are "Idea creation", "Thought leaders", and "Startup careers". This class is offered several times a year and includes biweekly office hours with both the dean of instruction and WV general partners.

What will I get out of the Startup Foundations Program?


I love learning, but can I get my hands dirty? We bet on founders, giving successful candidates the ability to:

  • Build a startup as an EIR
  • Or become a WV Marketing Coordinator
  • Or WV Analyst
  • Or work at a portfolio company


What can't I learn from Google? Let's start there.

  • Core lessons focused on crucial topics in the startup world.
  • Learning firsthand from WV partners, founders, and thought leaders in the space.

  • Access to WV alumni events and resources


Who will I be networking with?

  • Build relationships with our hundreds of alumni.
  • Meet and connect with individuals from all over the globe.
  • Attend office hours with our general partners

See What Our Alumni Have to Say

Founders are overwhelmed with advice. The Academy provides a systematic course, taught by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, to give founders a solid foundation of skills and tools.

Chris Yeh – General Partner

Wasabi Ventures Academy didn't just open doors for me, it helped me realize that the doors were already open – and that's an invaluable realization. Everything's out there for the taking. Problems are ready to be solved and solutions are waiting to be discovered. WV Academy made this clear early on, and this gave me the confidence to create my own success.

Steve Messa – Co-Founder VidFall

Finally! The Wasabi Ventures Academy gave me that once in a lifetime peak behind the curtain of the Venture Capital world.

Christopher Martin – Director of Operations

WV Academy can definitely be the edge you are looking for in your startup career.

Rudi Leismann – CEO MyTraining

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